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Product Name Supplier Price
Numatic JVP180
Be Direct £111.99
Numatic Charles Wet & Dry Cleaner 240v Blue
Chemist Direct £157.36
Numatic Henry Blue 240v
Chemist Direct £128.13
Numatic Hetty200-22
Electrical Discount UK £118.98
Numatic HVR200T-2
Be Direct £204.99
Numatic Henry Yellow 240v
Chemist Direct £128.13
Numatic Pink Hetty Vacuum 240v
Chemist Direct £128.13
Numatic JAMES 1100W Vacuum Cleaner 240V Yellow
DIY Tools £99.95
Numatic HRV200 HENRY COMMERCIAL Vacuum Cleaner 240V Red
DIY Tools £99.95
Numatic GVE370-2
Be Direct £238.99
Numatic Henry Extra Vacuum Cleaner 240v Red
Chemist Direct £137.46
Numatic HVX200-22
Be Direct £172.99
Numatic Nuflex Vacuum Hose
Chemist Direct £14.33
Numatic Combi Floor Nozzle
Chemist Direct £18
Numatic Nvm 1c Dustbag Pk 10
Chemist Direct £5.24
Numatic CVC370-2
Be Direct £164.99
Numatic HVR200-22
Be Direct £139.99
Dixons Tracker £88.89
Numatic HVR200M-22
Be Direct £112.99
Numatic HENRY HOUND Vacuum 240V Green
DIY Tools £189.95
Numatic Nvm 2b Dustbag Pk 10
Chemist Direct £10.17
Numatic Henry Commercial Vacuum 240v Red
Chemist Direct £111.66
Numatic Henry Green 240v
Chemist Direct £128.13
Numatic Henry HVR200A AutoSave Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner
John Lewis £97.75
Numatic James Vacuum 240v Yellow
Chemist Direct £92.51

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