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Product Name Supplier Price
Hotpoint TVM560P Vented Tumble Dryer, White
John Lewis £176
Dixons Tracker £313.09
Dixons Tracker £335
Hotpoint WMF740P Washing Machine, White
John Lewis £341
Hotpoint WDL520G
Be Direct £361.99
Hotpoint WDL520P
Be Direct £361.99
Dixons Tracker £366.9
Dixons Tracker £377.99
Hotpoint WDF740G
Electrical Discount UK £379
Hotpoint WDL540G
Be Direct £385.99
Hotpoint WDL540P
Be Direct £385.99
Hotpoint BHWM129 INT WM
Dixons Tracker £389
Hotpoint WDD960G
Electrical Discount UK £399
Hotpoint WDD740P
Electrical Discount UK £399
Hotpoint WMD960P Washing Machine, White
John Lewis £399
Hotpoint WDF740P
Electrical Discount UK £399.99
Hotpoint WDD960P
Electrical Discount UK £409.99
Hotpoint Aquarius+ WDF740P Washer Dryer, White
John Lewis £419
Hotpoint AQGMD129PM
Be Direct £423.99
Hotpoint WDD960A
Electrical Discount UK £424.9
Hotpoint Ultima WDD960P Washer Dryer, White
John Lewis £429
Hotpoint WDF760P
Electrical Discount UK £429.99
Hotpoint WDD960A
Be Direct £435.99
Hotpoint AQGMD149PM
Be Direct £441.99
Hotpoint WDF740G
Be Direct £441.99
Hotpoint WDF740P
Be Direct £441.99
Hotpoint BHWD129 W/DRYER
Dixons Tracker £443.99
Hotpoint WDD960G
Be Direct £446.99
Hotpoint WDD960P
Be Direct £446.99
Hotpoint WDF740A
Be Direct £466.99
Hotpoint BHWD129
Be Direct £495.99
Hotpoint AQM8F49U/V
Electrical Discount UK £499.99
Hotpoint AQM8L29IV
Be Direct £508.99
Hotpoint AQM8F49IV
Be Direct £511.99
Hotpoint AQM8F49UV
Be Direct £511.99
Hotpoint AQGMD149 Aqualtis Washer Dryer, White
John Lewis £529
Hotpoint AQM8D69IV
Be Direct £558.99
Hotpoint BHWD129 Integrated Washer Dryer
John Lewis £569

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