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Product Name Supplier Price
Hoover HGL60AMX 4 BURN
Dixons Tracker £129.51
Hoover HEH604X ELE HOB
Dixons Tracker £149.99
Dixons Tracker £169.51
Hoover HEH604B
Be Direct £174.99
Hoover HEH604W
Be Direct £174.99
Hoover HEH604X
Be Direct £174.99
Hoover HGH640B
Be Direct £174.99
Hoover HGH640W
Be Direct £174.99
Hoover HGH640X
Be Direct £174.99
Hoover HVK400X CER HOB
Dixons Tracker £279.99
Hoover HGF6044X GAS HOB
Dixons Tracker £287
Hoover HVK400B
Be Direct £326.99
Hoover HVK400X
Be Direct £326.99
Hoover HVH551B
Be Direct £393.99
Hoover HVH551X
Be Direct £393.99
Hoover HVH750B
Be Direct £495.99

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