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Product Name Supplier Price
Hoover H20 High 2 Layer Filtration 5 Pack
Chemist Direct £3.12
Hoover VHD844DB
Be Direct £459.99
Hoover HFT60X
Be Direct £87.99
Hoover HCT60X
Be Direct £241.99
Dixons Tracker £799
Dixons Tracker £649
Hoover HDO885W
Be Direct £569.99
Hoover 5 Dustbags, 1 Mirco Filter & 1 Motor Filter
Chemist Direct £3.41
Hoover 5 Dustbags & 1 Motor Filter
Chemist Direct £2.47
Hoover VCN6185B
Be Direct £644.99
Hoover HOD6615B
Be Direct £412.99
Dixons Tracker £299.99
Hoover H4 Standard Filtration Dustbag 5 Pack
Chemist Direct £2.84
Hoover VHC781XTB
Be Direct £459.99
Hoover HZF6163W
Be Direct £459.99
Hoover HOD6615B D&I
Dixons Tracker £371.99
Hoover HCS5176W
Be Direct £379.99
Hoover HCS5176A
Be Direct £412.99
Hoover HFO415B
Be Direct £375.99
Hoover VHC391
Electrical Discount UK £329.99
Hoover VHD964ZD
Be Direct £499.99
Hoover VCN6185W
Be Direct £617.99
Hoover HED6612
Be Direct £278.99
Hoover VHD944D
Electrical Discount UK £410.99
Hoover HWC2335X
Be Direct £302.99

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